This product offersnaturality

  • We are mirrors of nature!

    Our products are inspired by nature and packaged in eco friendly glass bottles.

  • We adjust everything at dose and as required!

    Thanks to the tablets whose raw material we take from nature, we ensure the use of the required dose of product at each brushing.

  • We fight for health!

    With the power we get from nature, we fight without fury in oral and dental health. We become friends with your health with new generation products.

  • We are the guards of the future!

    We support sustainable living by getting along with nature, our best laboratory environment, to reflect the naturalness of our chemistry to your smile.

Our History

How was t-brush born?

Mouth and dental health; It is the most important supporter of body resistance and immune system of more than 7 billion people living in the world. Therefore, in the products we use for oral care, we expect the formula to consist of natural ingredients, to be suitable for hygienic usage conditions, and to meet our needs in the required content and quantity.

So, can the traditional oral and dental health products we use now meet these needs? We care not only human health but also the health of all living creatures. We stand against everything that threatens the life of living things. When we look at the researches of scientists showing the negative effects of plastic waste and water consumption on the lives of living things; It is measured that approximately 8 million tons of plastic waste is discharged to the seas every year. The average extinction period of a plastic bottle thrown into the nature is 400 years. According to the estimates of the Ocean Conservancy organization, the amount of plastic waste in the seas will reach 250 million tons in 10 years and by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas.

8 million tons of plastic

waste are discharged

to the seas every year.

The amount of plastic waste

in the seas will reach

250 million tons in 10 years.

Today, 2.1 billion people do not have safe drinking and utility water in their homes, more than 1.8 billion people consume water that has not been treated with any disinfection. Due to global climate change, 1.2 billion people live in danger of extreme rainfall, floods and drought. It is estimated that the demand for fresh water will increase by 30% by 2050.

Our story started with these thoughts. Considering this destructive effect of plastic wastes and excess water consumption on living things, as T-Brush, we have adopted the basic principle of offering environmentally friendly products not only for oral health, but also for the future of all living things in it.

We have formulated the most natural and highest quality products for oral health as a result of 1.5 years of research with Hacettepe University cooperation and expert scientists in their own field.

t-brush we are mirror of nature..

We are starting a new period with new generation dental care products to the contrary of traditional toothpastes and tooth brushing methods. Stay tuned!

Our Values

Nature friendly

Every year 300 million tons of plastic is produced worldwide, and a significant part of this figure is thrown into the sea. Although plastic is an extremely useful material, almost half of the plastic produced is classified as garbage because it is generally produced for single use consumption. Plastic not only harms nature and seas but also threatens living life. It is thought that the number of living species adversely affected by plastic is 400. We are one of these types.

According to research, 60 percent of seabirds and all sea turtles consume plastic as a food source without realizing it. Plastic is also found in fish we consume fondly. Fish think that waste plastic in the sea is food. Plastic affects our lives indirectly as much as it affects the lives of living creatures in nature. For this reason, single-use plastic waste poses the greatest threat to our Earth and sustainable life.

We aim to create awareness and differentiation with our T-Brush products, with the desire to do big things with little awareness about all these problems and threats. Considering the raw material of the products we produce, being recyclable, and the damages caused by the plastics to be used during production and distribution, both to our own health and to the environment, we present our products consisting of natural components with packaging that is compatible with nature and supports recycling.


Toothbrushes today; It is used with the contact of the toothbrush to the mouth of traditional pastes. Different toothbrushes between family members come into contact with the same toothpaste. This increases the spread of bacteria and viruses among family members where toothpaste is shared, and invites diseases. Especially in epidemic diseases, the use of traditional toothpastes leads to the sharing of diseases among family members.

Unlike traditional methods, we completely eliminate the contact of the toothbrush with toothpaste with our innovative products. We provide hygienic use by preventing the formation of bacteria and microbes spreading among family members with new generation, personalized, dental tablets.

Adjusted Dose

In traditional toothpastes and oral care products, we try to determine the dosage we should use each time, and we use toothpaste in such a way that it is sometimes more than we want and sometimes in small amounts. While the excess product provides unnecessary chemical absorption into our body, less use cannot provide enough oral hygiene. While we develop innovative and innovative products, we solve the difficult to adjust dosage amount with our innovative product dental tablets. T-Brush dental tablets and mouthwash tablets that complement oral hygiene contain the required content and quantity of products. In this way, we use the same and the right dose of product in every tooth brushing until the last tablet in the glass bottle.


Our Sustainable Perspective

Future generations are in danger as a result of the change in consumption habits of societies and their destructive effects on the natural environment. Today, we try to show the nature it deserves so that the next generations can benefit from natural ingredients and continue their lives.

We prefer to use natural ingredients and nature-friendly packaging in order to meet our own needs without compromising the needs of future generations. We try to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum for the permanent life of humanity, a livable world and a sustainable life. By using consumable energy resources in the most effective way, we support economic growth and social development without harming the nature.